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With the theme selector, you can change the backdrop of your form with a single click, and you see a preview of what it will look like, too I would also revisit the business value of having a streaming dataset

What is Windows Forms

We decided to include polls to keep engagement up along with an opportunity to help us better understand our audience, and their areas of interest.

An Introduction to Microsoft Forms for Excel
Click the Theme button at the top of the screen
Import Microsoft Forms Responses into Power BI
Select a theme for your Microsoft Form A theme adds some colour and fun to your quiz! Connecting to data sources over a network is a simple task with Windows Forms
Create a form with Microsoft Forms
From the home screen, click on either New Form or New Quiz
File Content I inputed some text and then added Dynamic Data Used Text and Dynamic Data for File 5 For many businesses, understanding customers is key to success
Note: I store the Word doc in my OneDrive for Business folder Let us know what's working well, if there is an issue with Forms, or if you have ideas about new functionality that would improve your experience

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Top 3 Differences Between Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro
Here you can see a complete summary of all results, including graphs that illustrate the distribution of answers for multiple choice questions
Microsoft Forms Review 2021: Why We DON'T Recommend It
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An Introduction to Microsoft Forms for Excel
A new form is created in SharePoint, and a form web address is displayed