Pro bot discord. Discord Probot (Features, Commands and Setup)

For confirmation, you can see the logo of the rythm bot on the right sidebar and also the message from the Rythm bot letting you know the bot has landed on the server Auto Responder This is just another variation of the auto-moderation feature
It Has General Orders And Administrative Orders In Addition To The Credit To Buy The Premium Version• Music commands play — This command adds a song to the queue and plays it This makes them unable to leave the voice channel until you stop it

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roll — This command is used for rolling dice.

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Send embeds via probot Embeds can be created, customized, and sent to other channels
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move — This command moves a member to another voice channel
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In addition, Autoresponder will issue a warning against ill-words or inappropriate chats by users
unban — This command unbans a member You Can Change The Prefix In Your Server• Adding Probot is adding another bot on your discord server
In addition, they can be previewed, edited, and customized before sending in other channels

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And many many more … Advanced analytics, autoroles, logs, music, protection from rading … Commands : help or Check out our commands page at Getting started : to invite and setup the bot easily : Check out the home page for the full List.

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How to Add Probot on Discord? vkick — This command kicks a member from a voice channel mute — This command is used to mute a member from text channels so they cannot type
Discord Probot (Features, Commands and Setup)
Protection against raid Probot has the feature of detecting and analyzing any raid or weird behavior and take prompt action against it to some extent
Discord Probot (Features, Commands and Setup)
Various In Style And General Shape• Multilingual chats and functions Probot can support more than 13 languages for chats and functions
unvmute — This command unmutes a member from voice channels Colors Roles Make your members use their favorite colors, just enable colors module and create numerical role with colors you want
Info Commands user — This command shows information, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user These messages can be automated and customized by the server owners

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Powerful Moderation ProBot has lots of features to help you with all kinds of moderation.

Colors : probot
ban — This command bans a member
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color — This command changes your color in the server
server — This command shows the server roles — This command gets a list of server roles and member counts