Audi e tron gt. New 2022 Audi e

Unlike the concept, the production car has visible door handles In November 2020, Audi released photographs of what was basically the production model, in a characteristic black and gray veneer with orange accents and overlays on the alloy wheels
It can charge at up to 270kW on a DC charger, 11kW as standard 22kW optional on AC

Audi e

One motor at the rear, another at the front, four-wheel drive and a two-speed gearbox for the rear only, which is rarely used launch control and the most dynamic modes only.

New 2022 Audi e
Anyway, the way in which the E-tron GT steers could only be from Audi
Audi E
But I liked both this model and the RS
New 2022 Audi e
The range of the vehicle on a single charge is to be about 400 kilometers
Which, to my eyes, makes it look rather spectacular It was a study preview of the third fully electric car built by Audi after the and e-tron Sportback
That puts this 60 at the same output as a Taycan 4S This is one of the things that the VW Group does well, which is why, I suppose, we perceive that an Audi is a classier car than a even though so many of the mechanicals are the same

2022 Audi e

The new shares a lot of underpinnings with.

Audi E
You may already know this
New 2022 Audi e
Not in terms of performance, you understand
2022 Audi RS e
Power is delivered impeccably smoothly and quietly