Ever given. Ever Given

The settlement deal was signed in a ceremony Wednesday in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, after which the vessel was seen sailing to the Mediterranean Sea The Ever Given left the canal's Great Bitter Lake, where it had been held for over three months amid a financial dispute
Two minutes after the collision, a traffic ban on the river was mandated due to high winds Tugboats refloated the ship within hours

Egyptian Court Delays Hearing In Ever Given

Inspections were carried out, with the vessel finally departing on 12 July, headed for with a delay of more than 100 days.

Ever Given container ship leaves Egyptian waters
The blockage has caused vessels backed up in the Mediterranean to the north and the Red Sea to the south
The Ever Given Is Finally Released From The Suez Canal : NPR
It is unclear how this sum has been calculated, but it is understood that it includes an amount of USD300 million by way of a "salvage bonus" and USD300 million for "loss of reputation"
Ever Given: Legal and Insurance Implications
The effect on the global supply chain due to the incident will also result in insurance claims
The ship was on 25 December 2015, on 9 May 2018 and completed on 25 September 2018 It follows therefore that the cargo owners agreed and accepted that there was a common jeopardy or misadventure that affected the common interest of the parties involved, warranting the incurring of expenditure beyond the agreed contractual duties
A lawyer representing the ship's owner said the two sides had asked for Saturday's hearing to be postponed to allow for further negotiations The ship came out intact and it has no problems

Suez Canal Authority: One Person Died During Ever Given Rescue Mission

Ever Given has a of 220,940; of 99,155; and of 199,629 tons at design draught.

Suez Canal Authority: One Person Died During Ever Given Rescue Mission
For maneuvering in ports, the vessel has two 2,500 kW 3,400 hp
Suez Canal Authority: One Person Died During Ever Given Rescue Mission
Egyptian meteorologists reported that high winds and a sandstorm had affected the area on the day of the grounding, with winds gusting as much as 50 kilometres per hour 31 mph
Ever Given: Owners Strike Deal to Free Ship After Egypt Seizure
In addition to the dredgers already on site a specialised suction dredger is now with the vessel and will shortly begin work