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Red Tag News Publications is a not-for-profit association of consumer and business magazines who have a common interest in improving the delivery of their publications in the mail During the sorting step of 5S, unnecessary items are removed from a work area
The red tag system is simply a tool used to identify items that a person has flagged for removal from a work area If it is a consumable, though, reconsider if you want to store it in the red tag area

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As people talk about ideas later in the project, the team leader may be able to direct them to some relevant equipment.

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While it can take some trial and error to get a red tag system up and running, the concept is not complicated
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Be careful with this, though
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The red tag system is a safety net for you Try reselling the item or donate or discard unnecessary but valuable items right away
Similar to the initial red tagging, items in the red tag area should have a limited time on the shelf Interested in becoming a publication member of Red Tag and using our monitoring system? If this seems simple, it is : Home Page

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Some organizations require approval to remove a red tagged item
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More information may also be required, especially if the item is to be moved to a red tag area : Home Page
The additional information helps to catalog or sort the equipment
The person managing the area should assess how long to leave the items in the area, based on the condition, general usefulness, inherent value, and likelihood of future use The excellent player support builds trust and confidence within the Red Stag patrons
It opens the door for bad apples to red tag items for personal use A computer monitor in good condition should be kept as long as it is not outdated : Home Page

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The red tag process helps eliminate sorting errors
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It keeps you from walking into your work area after a kaizen team has been working late the previous evening and discovering that a needed item has found its way into a dumpster : Home Page
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