Big karmiel. Aroma

The student body is a broad mix with the majority of the students from chareidi families, but certainly a large part of the school is from working families, Daati Leumi families, Askenazi and Sefardi From Karmiel to Yerushalayim is 2 hours by car and by 2
Some longer and some shorter Dishes are big and test very well


It serves as the limited "shteeblach" in town with multiple minyanim for Shacharis and other tefillos.

Not only for its beauty and symbolism but also for the connection with Israel's rebirth and Inber himself
Currently there are two elementary schools
A couple of the guys in the plumbing section especially are consistently helpful
I cannot think of any other businesses in BIG that actually provide what a Western expat what would consider REAL customer service From the many apartment buildings to long rows of attached homes with separate entrances and private yards
The shul offers a wide array of classes and learning programs as well as Kiruv programs in hebrew

Rocks Park (Karmiel)

The shul is a mix of Chariedi families, Anglo and Israeli Baalabatim as well as Daati Leumi locals.

Big Karmiel Shopping Center
The North of Israel is like the "Catskills" and in the summer Vacationers from all over stay in the north
Rocks Park (Karmiel)
We planned to visit this park on our way and we drove according to WAZE instructions
The residents are very welcoming and helpful and there are local tutors
The parking lot on Friday can be a bit problematic And it is a generally non-judgemental city where most shuls and schools contain people from all backgrounds and standards
It is a city where one can make a kiddush Hashem daily in your interaction with non-religious neighbors who have good relations with the Chareidi community I suppose it's nice for those who enjoy shopping to find many different shops in the same area so you don't have to go too far to find most things you would want

From Holocaust to Resurrection, Karmiel

There is a large Outlet strip Mall called "The Big" on the outskirts of Karmiel as well as a few malls.

For girls there is only one school; Amichai
In addition, Karmiel has dental clinics, eye clinics, and private clinics
This is what makes MiBereshit and Karmiel different from all other communities